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Agewise Fitness personal training was born from a passion to help people live fit and healthy.  I train people at all levels and ages. 

Physique Athletes:  I know what it takes to get into contest shape.  If that's your goal and you have the commitment to do the work, I can help get you there.

Weight Loss / Toning:  Ready to finally lose those extra pounds?  I will design a program just for you to meet your goals.  With my nutritional expertise and training you can get fit!

Athletic Enhancement:  All athletes can improve performance with a combination of strength, flexibility, agility, power, and functional movement training.  Imagine how much better your tennis or golf stroke can be with increased shoulder strength and flexibility.

Adults:  From my experience, I recognize that our workout routines will change as we age.  As kids we never woke up with a sore shoulder because we slept wrong!  Our bodies are less resilient and our workout routines should be tailored to our changing needs.  Your workout routines  will be safely  and effectively managed by a certified personal fitness trainer.  Injury prevention and strengthening muscles around weak joints are factors sometimes neglected by less experienced physical trainers.  Boot camp style, no pain-no gain training has its place, but is often counterproductive for the over-fifty population.  You may have knee or shoulder weakness, hip replacement, Parkinson's, or arthritis.  Agewise Fitness personal training assesses these considerations and determines an effective workout routine.


Resistance training for strength isn't only about building big muscles.  Strength is needed for
everything we do - from climbing stairs and carrying groceries to climbing a mountain and playing sports.  Strength training workout routines  may include dumbbells, machines, medicine balls, resistance bands. and bodyweight exercises.


Being flexible coexists with strength training.  Every successful athlete - swimmers, runners, golfers, tennis players - all include resistance training as a core part of their workout routines. Most follow the instruction of a certified personal trainer.   Functional  movement training techniques help you reach for the top shelf or follow through your golf swing.


Balance, too, is dependent on strength.  Every step we take and stair we climb requires the strength
to stand on one leg.  Whether your goal is a one-arm pushup or getting in and out of a car, balance and strength are necessary components of your workout routine.  Agewise Fitness personal training techniques will improve your glute and core strength to help you with all your activities


Surviving a round of tennis or an afternoon with the
grandkids are both dependent on heart health. The heart is a muscle.  The stronger it is, the better it functions to pump blood for oxygenation and distribution throughout the body.  No workout routine is complete without cardiovascular training.

Serving Westside Los Angeles including:  Bel Air, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey
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